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IRMA TRUPOINT Blood Analysis System


IRMA TRUPOINT® Blood Analysis System

Clinically proven with over 24 years of Exceptional Analytical Performance

The IRMA TRUPOINT System was the world’s first single-use POC blood gas analyzer on the market and continues to serve healthcare professionals in a multitude of settings. Its portability allows testing blood gases, electrolytes, and metabolites whenever, wherever.

  • OR, ICU, CCU, ER, PICU, CVOR, pulmonology, trauma, ambulatory care, physicians’ offices, standard laboratory testing

Critical Information, Timely Intervention

  • Broad range of testing on one robust platform
  • Quick turn around time – as little as 2 minutes

Efficient Workflow for Improved Economics

  • No sample transport required so no delays or lost patient samples
  • Ultra efficient POC testing to reduce steps to test and variability

Easy to Use

  • Simple interactive user interface guides the user through the testing process
  • Just 3 steps
    • 1) Insert cartridge
    • 2) Add sample
    • 3) Press start
  • Automatic Test Data Output – using built-in printer or integrated data transmission to LIS and EMR


  • Automatic calibration allows your team to focus on patients rather than servicing equipment
  • Room temperature test cartridges – no refrigeration required (with exception of creatinine cartridge)
  • Best in class solid-state design with no moving parts for reliability

Accurate and Reliable

  • Self-calibration for each test provides accuracy you’d expect from a clinical laboratory analyzer with real-time results at your fingertips
  • Single use self-contained cartridge ensures no carryover or sensor drift
  • Automatic electronic quality control customized to fit into any quality control regimen
  • Robust analyzer design ensures reliable operation when needed most


Cartridge Test Menu – Measured Values

pH  ♦  ♦
pCO2  ♦  ♦
pO2  ♦  ♦
Na+  ♦  ♦
K+  ♦  ♦
iCa  ♦  ♦
Hct  ♦  ♦


Cartridge Test Menu – Calculated Values

HCO3  ♦  ♦
TCO2  ♦  ♦
BEecf  ♦  ♦
BEb  ♦  ♦
O2SAT  ♦  ♦
iCa(N)  ♦
tHb  ♦  ♦

LifeHealth manufactures a family of 3 different IRMA® Test Cartridges which are used in the IRMA® System. For more information on the IRMA® Test Cartridges, please click here.

IRMA TRUPOINT® Capillary Collection Device

  • Ideal for blood collection and transfer of whole blood samples
  • 125 uL sample volume
  • Luer port for cartridge injection
  • Pre-loaded with 70 IU/mL balanced heparin

Reportable Ranges Measured

pH 6.000-8.000 pH units
pCO2 4.0-200.0 mmHg (0.53-26.66 kPa)
pO2 20.0-700.0 mmHg (2.67-93.33 kPa)
Na+ 80.0-200.0 (mM, mEq/L)
K+ 1.00-20.00 (mM, mEq/L)
iCa 0.20-5.00 mM(0.40-10.00 mEq/L; 0.80-20.00 mg/dL)
Hct 10.0-80.0% (.100-.800 SI)

General Specifications

Minimum Blood Sample Size 0.2mL from a 1cc syringe
0.125mL from the IRMA Capillary Collection Device
Data Storage 200 patient test records
150 liquid QC records
100 electronic QC / Temperature test results
Cartridge Storage Temperature 15-30°C / 59-86°F

Optional Accessories

  • Barcode reader
  • idms™ data management software
  • Device Set configuration software

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